Miboro Pellet - Production and transport of pellets

Why Miboro Pellet:

A few words...

Calorific power of beech wood pellets is that 2kg of pellets replace 1 kg of fuel oil - crude oil, 2kg of pellets then replaced 1m3 of gas, etc.

After combustion of wood pellets remains only 1% of the fuel ash as an additional advantage over other solid fuels.

Miboro Pellets can also be used an existing solid fuel stove with additional adjustment.

MIBORO Pellet - Beech Pellets 100%

MIBOR is the type of pellet you are looking for. It is safe, efficient and passed numerous tests demonstrating biodegradability, high calorific value and quality. MIBOR pellet is certified and meets all international standards.


The advantage of our Pellet

Pellets produced by MIBOR is a guarantee of quality, biodegradability, high calorific power, comfort and savings. It is short, this is the advantage of our pellet!

MIBOR is certified pellets and meets all international standards

Calorific power of Miboro pellets

The calorific power of other energy sources

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